Leftover Thanksgiving Meal

What to do with your leftover Thanksgiving food?  Here’s a great recipe. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tiffani Thiessen (@tiffanithiessen) This is a great recipe. I know we’ll be making this today!  Enjoy and happy holidays from Highlands Window Cleaning!   If you are in need of a window cleaning, giveContinue reading “Leftover Thanksgiving Meal”

Thanksgiving 2023

THANKSGIVING 2023 For those cooking and needing some last minute recipes, I came across this article from Southern Living.  It has some tasty ideas for your family feast.  Enjoy! Last-Minute Thanksgiving Sides You Can Make In Under 30 Minutes By Mary Shannon Wells PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPHER: ISAAC NUNN, PROP STYLIST: JULIA BAYLESS, FOOD STYLIST: RUTH BLACKBURNContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2023”

Planning a Perfect Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is now 6 days away! If you haven’t done your planning, menu, and guest list yet, now is the time to start! Here is an awesome link to helping you plan the perfect Thanksgiving. https://cooking.nytimes.com/thanksgiving/dinner-ideas-tips Happy Thanksgiving from Highlands Window Cleaning! Give us a call to schedule your next cleaning. 702-695-2022 A GUIDE BY THEContinue reading “Planning a Perfect Thanksgiving”