Spring Forward

Spring is almost here! The birds are chirping and the weather is finally warming up! Today we move our clocks forward to help with extending our daylight. The first week of adjusting our sleep schedule is tough. We will all experience the feeling of being run down and exhausted this week…but the extra hour of daylight will be worth it!

So, make sure your clocks are changed today! Happy Spring!

If you are ready to enjoy the spring views, and are sick of seeing the dried and dirty raindrops that block your views, give us a call to freshen things up!

Bruce has available times this week!


Published by Bruce Goodman

Hello! I am Bruce Goodman, owner and operator at Highlands Window Cleaning. I have been cleaning windows professionally for over 10 years now. I have done everything from high rise to residential homes. I am detail oriented and always take care of my customers. I look forward to working with you. Estimates are free. Give me a call today at (702) 695-2022.

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