Spring Break is considered the best party time of the year, so why not celebrate your Spring Break Las Vegas style? Spending your Spring Break in Las Vegas means killer nightclubs, bikini-filled pools, and all of the boozy libations you’ll need to get into the festive spirit. So check out our helpful tips and get ready for the best Las Vegas Spring Break ever.


Since Spring Break is over multiple weeks for different schools, other events could be sharing your Las Vegas Spring Break revelry. The first holiday on the list that overlaps with most colleges is St. Patrick’s Day, which means you’ll have to prepare by bringing some green clothing and be ready to guzzle more than a few pints of Guinness at one of our many Irish pubs.

If sports are more your thing, then you’re in luck because March Madness is also set to start at the same time. So placing your bets at one of our massive sportsbooks is a must, or you can even rent out a private box for a VIP sports experience with your crew.

The last holiday that overlaps with Spring Break is Easter in April. As the tamest of the three holidays, this is the time to visit for those looking for a Spring Break getaway with the little ones. And with plenty of PG rated events planned across the city like Easter egg hunts, kid’s art classes, and more, the entire family is guaranteed to have a blast.


What would Spring Break be without some fun in the sun? Lucky for visitors, Sin City has that in spades. Our megaresort pools are perfect for lounging the day away in your favorite bikini. But the real party starts at one of our alcohol-fueled pool clubs that are world-famous for their bumpin’ music, sparkling water, and rambunctious partygoers that keep the energy high all day long.

Pool season in Las Vegas starts in March, so no matter when your Spring Break is, you’ll be able to sip on a Pina Colada next to the sparkling water you’ve been dreaming about.


Nothing sets the scene for the ultimate Spring Break like booking a swanky Las Vegas hotel room for you and your crew. So when it comes to the best Las Vegas Spring Break hotels, we know it’s all about soaking up that sweet, sweet sunshine during the day and then dancing the night away before doing it all over again.

With that in mind, our recommendations have to start with Mandalay Bay and its perfect oasis of oceanic bliss. As the only resort in Vegas where you can listen to the sound of crashing waves while feeling genuine sand between your toes, Mandalay Bay knows how to bring the beachy Spring Break vibes to the Las Vegas desert. Then once the sun goes down, you can slip into your trendiest party outfit and hit up Mandalay Bay’s Light Nightclub. Featuring killer hip-hop and EDM artists, a massive dancefloor, and theatrical elements like acrobats and killer light shows, Light’s immersive, high-energy spectacle is one you won’t want to miss.

Another one of our poolside picks located in the legendary Fremont Street District is the brand new Circa Resort that features the ultimate waterfront sports viewing experience, the Stadium Swim Amphitheater. Six pools, over 300 chaise lounges, and multiple swim-up bars surround their gargantuan 40-foot-tall screen that plays all of the best sporting events of the year. Plus, with a sportsbook window located within the complex, you won’t even have to dry off to place your bets. Now you’ll never have to choose between spending Spring Break by the pool or watching the game ever again.


As the supreme ruler of nightlife in the United States, we know a thing or two about creating an unforgettable party vacation, and just because Spring Break is known for daytime revelry doesn’t mean that the fun has to end when the sun goes down. Au contraire, that’s when we’re just getting started.

You can’t come to Las Vegas during a party holiday without visiting our most famous addition to the world of after-hours debauchery, the iconic Las Vegas nightclub. At these nocturnal retreats, you can go buck wild at a celebrity-studded spot like Hakkasan and Omnia or choose a more classy, intimate vibe like at Park MGM’s On The Record or the rooftop deck at Chateau at Paris Las Vegas. There’s a Las Vegas Spring Break nightclub for any style of partygoer.

If the entire nightclub scene is too much for you, why not take a cab Downtown where you can relish in the glow of our vintage casino lights and enjoy specialty crafted cocktails at one of the many unique bars lining the Fremont Street Experience. We also recommend taking a stroll down the main drag to enjoy the vast amount of nightly entertainment available until the wee hours of the morning, including street performers, free concerts, and the massive LED light show that takes place on the canopy above.

Vegas Spring Weather


So this is where Spring Break in Las Vegas can get a little tricky because depending on when your week-long break begins, our desert weather can be a bit unpredictable.

If you’re visiting in April, then you should be in the clear. The average daily high is about 85 degrees but some days of the month are even warmer, making it perfect pool weather for enjoying the sparkling water without worrying about boiling alive in the intense desert heat of the summer months. Though we still recommend bringing some layers with you, the nights can still dip into the ’40s.

For March, the average high is about 72 degrees. Historically, every day in March rises above 60 degrees, but it only climbs into the ’80s about four days of the month. So if you’re dead set on spending your Las Vegas Spring Break poolside, we recommend opting for day clubs and resort pools that are heated to make sure you don’t start shivering. The good news is, these lower temperatures are perfect for spending the entire day sipping beer and cocktails on one of the many outdoor bars in the city. Or, if you need to give your liver a break, it’s also the ideal weather for touring one of the many natural wonders in the surrounding area.

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