As we head into the middle of winter and early spring, we are dealing with the rainy season here in the Las Vegas area. So should you have your windows cleaned when it’s raining?

Window washing in the rain sounds like it’s a counterproductive effort right!? However, the idea that “cleaning windows in the rain is pointless”, is actually a myth. Commercial window cleaners can achieve a sparkling finish in rain and shine, with the current weather conditions having little, if any, effect on the quality of your window cleaner’s finish.

Windows are designed to utilize rainfall and sunshine for self-preservation, so the idea that rainfall could hinder the quality of your commercial window cleaners job is inaccurate. The need for window cleaning comes from the external factors like dust, pollen, pollution and bird droppings, which causes raindrops to cling to the already dirty and dusty windows.

The only reason your windows look worse after rainfall is because they have not been cleaned and the water clings onto the dirt, dust, and whatever else is on them. Avoiding having your windows cleaned due to the common misconception that rain makes your windows dirty, can in the long term cause irreparable damage.

Putting off having your windows cleaned due to bad weather can make the process of cleaning the windows a lot harder when you do actually get them cleaned. Keeping a regular upkeep, rain or shine, will ensure that your windows maintain a fantastic condition for longer. If your windows are clean, then raindrops will not cling to the glass and will simply wash away.

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