Best Hiking Trails Near Las Vegas

The 7 Best Hiking Trails Near Las Vegas

By: Abigail Pacheco | September 24, 2021 | Lifestyle Feature


Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire

Some people go to Nevada to only visit Las Vegas and party. However, Nevada has so much more to offer, such as its beautiful trails and hikes where you can take in nature. Read on to find the perfect hike for you at any level of difficulty. Just make sure to take the proper precautions by packing lots of water, going in the morning before it gets too hot and planning your hike for the cooler months.

1. Calico Tank Trail- Red Rock Canyon


Calico Tank Trail is a beautiful hike in Red Rock Canyon. It is 2.2 miles, takes approximately 2 hours and can be on the moderately hard side. It features huge sandstone formations that catch the eye. It’s the perfect trail to try hiking in the otherwise very difficult canyon.


2. Ice Box Canyon Trail- Red Rock Canyon

Thankfully, the Ice Box Canyon Trail is somewhat true to its name. Despite Red Rock Canyon being extremely hot, this path does not get a lot of sun during the day, so it tends to be much cooler. Coming in at 2.3 miles, this strenuous 2-hour hike is still worth the workout to see the seasonal waterfalls from December to April.


3. Fire Wave Hike- Valley of Fire State Park


This might be the coolest hiking location I’ve ever seen. The Fire Wave Hike is a 1.5-mile path that is easy besides the sometimes slippery, sandy trail. On the sandstone there is a vibrant stripe pattern that is red, white and pink. It truly is a unique backdrop for any picture that you might take.


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4. Rainbow Vista and Fire Canyon Overlook Hike- Valley of Fire State Park

Come to Rainbow Vista and Fire Canyon Overlook Hike at the Valley of Fire State Park. This 1.1-mile trail is the perfect place to bring your leashed, furry friend. Throughout the walk, you will be surrounded by extremely vibrant red rocks and scenic views of the surrounding Valley of Fire State Park.


5. Echo Overlook Trail- Spring Mountains National Recreation Area


Personally, there’s nothing I love more than natural wildflowers. So this trail is definitely next on my list. The 4.6 mile Echo Overlook Trail might be rated difficult, but it features beautiful flowers along the path. If you want a more relaxed hike, it’s great for bird watching and horses are even allowed. The best time to go is in fall when all the leaves are changing colors.

6. Little Falls Trail- Spring Mountains National Recreation Area


Little Falls Trail in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area is definitely a cool spot if you love waterfalls. Overall, it’s a pretty moderate hike and is only 0.8 miles long and is great for anyone looking for a quick and pretty painless workout. Make sure to come from May through October for the best views of the falls.


7. Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs Trail – Lake Mead

If you haven’t been to a hot spring before, it’s time to change your life. Plan your trip now to the relaxing Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs Trail. The hike itself is difficult, racking up 6 miles; however, it is worth it to take a dip in that crystal clear water. The water is hot though, so the best time to come is from October to May when it’s starting to get cooler outside.



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